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I am sure you have all heard this before:
The frantic pitter-patter of running (or crawling) footsteps.
Then suddenly…


Followed by just enough silence to make you wonder whether you imagined it. But then, out of nowhere….


Your little baby has given himself one monster of a bump.

The safety helmet is the perfect thing to protect your baby’s head from the dangers of your home. Thickly padded and comfortable to wear; simply slide it over your baby’s head, secure the straps and your baby is free to run around your home with his little noggin safe and secure.
When your baby does eventually take a tumble, the thick padding will cushion his head. While there may still be tears, at least there won’t be any physical damage done.

Now you may be asking yourself:
Do I really need a safety helmet for my baby?
To put it super simply: No. The majority of you will NOT need to wrap your baby’s head with a safety helmet.


There are two situations where you will find a safety helmet incredibly useful:

1. Special needs children– If your baby suffers from any of the following then a safety helmet is definitely needed:

Balance disorders
… And other disorders that can cause your baby to involuntarily (or voluntarily) bump his head on his surroundings. If the helmet saves you a single trip to the ER than it will have paid for itself.

2. Headbanging babies – As I mentioned earlier, it’s almost as if my baby deliberately ran head first into furniture. By using a safety helmet, hopefully, I was able to save some brain cells for him to use later in life.

If your walls and furniture are a baby magnet like mine were then perhaps you will want to consider a safety helmet. They are quite cheap so it won’t be a costly mistake if you find it unsuitable.

Unfortunately, parents who raised their kids without safety helmets will likely dismiss you as being over-protective without even taking the time to ask why your baby wears it in the first place.


Ultimately we are all parents that are doing the best we possibly can for our own children. You know what’s best for your child and if you think a safety helmet is suitable for your baby then I say go for it!


Strap Type: Adjustable
Material: Polyester, Cotton
Gender: Unisex
Baby Age: 7-9 months,13-18 months,19-24 months,10-12 months
Pattern Type: Solid
Type: Children hat
Color: Blue, Orange, Beige, Grey etc.
Head Circumference: 43~53 cm


Apple Flower, Beige, Blue, Grey, Orange


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