Acrylic wall clock


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Wall clock is one of the objects in the household that must have been familiar. As a timepiece, the clock is a very important role in everyday life. Without the clock wall, the residents of the house will be bothered by the schedule of existing activities. No wonder if almost every important room at home is always decorated with a wall clock that is installed with a strategic position. Wall clock can also be the interior of your home. Decorating the interior of the house with a unique mending clock will add a more beautiful impression and will certainly change the view of people about the clock that we usually see just a circle.

This wall clock using Acrylic mirror base material. Well, this is a plus that makes the interior appearance of the house more different from other homes.


  • Width : 45 cm
  • Shape : circular
  • Display Type : Needle
  • Material : Acrylic
  • Length  : 450 mm
  • Weight : 250 g
  • Wall Clock Type : 9 mm Sheet
  • Diameter : 45 cm
  • Combination : Multi-piece set
  • Form : Single Face
  • Body Material : acrylic
  • Wall Clock Type : sticker wall clock
  • Battery type : 1*AAA

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